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1.  Justice Guardians: Demon Monster
Summary: the heroes heard rumors of were/vampire/frankenstein hybrid have been seen and they want this hybrid. but when a vicious demon is involved, things get crazy.

2. Justice Guardians:

3. Justice Guardians:

4. Justice Guardians: Love of Evil
Summary: Zeena and Morgan are in competition to see who should have Terrence to be his lover. the guardians must help the dragon halfa from being Zeti or wicked witches' groom.

5. Justice Guardians: King of the Nighlok
Summary: MAster Xandred have return and unleashed full scale Nighlok attack in the city. Jayden and his older sister, Lauren must resealed him back to the underworld or all is lost

6. Justice Guardians: Lost Clan of the Uzumaki

7. Justice Guardians:

8. Justice Guardians:

9. Justice Guardians:
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Terrence Silva
United States
Likes: writing, computers, cooking watching t.v or movies,

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Terrence's Mentor by Dragonprince18
Terrence's Mentor
Terrence will meet some mentors to get some training during his travel to become a hero as the Dragon halfa in Quest of the Dragon Halfa, but later, he joins s.h.i.e.l.d  and get a mentor of the Avengers.

1. Thomas Dralada (:icondragonprince18:'s OC- He trained Terrence how to become the dragon by learning the element of the dragon.

2. Choushou Shifu (Ikki Tousen)- She taught Martial arts to improve his fight.

3. Taven (Mortal Kombat: Armageddon)- trained Terrence

4. Long Shi (American Dragon: Jake Long)- He taught terrence on situation to deal with mystical creature.

5. Piandao (Avatar: the Last Airbender)- he shows great respect for the silva, he willing to train Terrence to make him a good swordsman as he can.

6. Captain America- During time in S.H.I.E.L.D, Terrence get help on improving his leadership skill by Captain American

7. Tsunade (Naruto)- she makes a stronger dragon halfa even though he was taughed by Taven.

8. Sirius Black (HArry Potter)

meme from :icon17chaos:…
Drakkar in the Flesh

as Amanda, Shawn, Jasmine, Sky, Discord and Bunnymund exit out of the Forest, there were unaware a demonic wolf was watching them go. with the wolf is teenage boy with medium dark skin, short black hair, purple eyes and wore a white tanktop, green short and sandal. Named Robbie Murphy. he was spying on six as they were going to Dreiweim soon heard about Swan Princess

"Swan Princess? Amanda?" Robbie questioned, "yeah, right. bad news, kangaroo, the Swan Princess died a long time ago... she's all dead. Can you believe this talking kangaroo? how is it possible this Amanda is..."

Demonic Wolf sniffed Amanda scent making a vicious growl causing Robbie back away.

"Are you serious, pup?!" Robbie questioned, "How can it be possible Amanda is really her?" the wolf growled even more. "Alright I've got the message with the growling and sniffing...If the wolf sniffed the scent, then Amanda is Swan Princess and she is here."

the Wolf runs really fast just before Robbie grabbed it tail. the boy screamed like a girl as he hit many branches, shrugs and thorns, the wolf jumped over the cliff and landed safe but Robbie hit the wall, groaned.

the wolf reached the dark and eerie castle where the gate was already open before it stopped. Robbie get up and felt lots of pain.

"Man! Why is my life is so miserable?" Robbie strenched feeling pain.

the familiar man, Drakkar came out of the room, ticked, "Who dares interrupted my peaceful moment?! Leave now! I SAID LEAVE!!!!" he grabbed Robbie by neck, soon he spotted Robbie, unamused, "Oh it's you Robbie."

"Lord Drakkar, I thought you were a goner, after the whole battle with Argo back at the Swan Kingdom." Robbie said.

"Don't remind me, I'm still sore for what happen. I've also felt a presence close by."

"I have news to tell you, Amanda was at the forest?"

"Argo's daughter? in the Forest? Drakkar turned to Robbie, "The little brat."

"I didn't know you knew her?" Robbie said stupidly.

"Of course I her, she somehow banished me to this castle!"

"Well I also overheard this by the kangaroo, he thinks Amanda is the Swan princess."

Drakkar petted his wolf as it whine happily. "So that's how I got here? Amanda has the swan princess' power! but next time, I will destroy her and will not fail my master."

"How to you plan destroy Amanda?"

"simple, my idiotic friend, I'll came up with so many horrific plan I'm already five start ahead." Drakkar laughed evilly, "now master's dark purpose will be fulfilled and The Silva and Morgan families along with Amanda and her family will DIIIIIEEEEE!!!!!" Lightning struck Robbie as Drakkar's wolf howls while Drakkar started to sing.

Drakkar: In the dark of the night

I was tossing and turning!

many wolves came out of nowhere.

And the nightmare I had

Was as bad as can be!

The wolves surrounded Robbie growling, making Robbie scared.

It scared me out of my wits

Drakkar fell appeared, boucing towards Robbie.

A corpse falling to bits!

Then I opened my eyes

And the nightmare was me!

he reassembled back together.

He was once the most powerful man in all of Edenia!

Wolves: Ooh-ah-ooh

Drakkar When the royals betrayed him

They made a mistake!

wolves: Ooh-ah-ooh!

Drakkar wave his magic cloud showing Amanda walking with her friends, Shawn, Jasmine, Sky, Discord and Bunnymund out of the forest.

Drakkar: His rage made each of them pay

But one little girl and the family got away!

Little Amanda, beware

Drakkar is awake!

Wolves: In the dark of the night

Evil will find her

In the dark of the night

Just before dawn

Drakkar: Revenge will be sweet

When the curse is complete

Wolves: In the dark of the night

Drakkar: She'll be gone!

Two wolves chased Robbie trying to bit him.

Drakkar: I can feel that my powers are slowly returning

Tie my sash and a dash of cologne for that smell!

Drakkar see the reflection of Amanda.

As the pieces fall into place

I'll see her crawl into place!

Drakkar punched the mirror as it shattered and Robbie back away.

Later Amanda, my dear!


Wolves: In the dark of the night

Terror will strike her

Drakkar (Looked to the audience): Terror's the least I can do

Wolves: In the dark of the night

Evil will brew


Drakkar: Soon she will feel

That her nightmares are real!

Wolves: In the dark of the night

Drakkar: She'll be through!

Wolves: Ooh-ooh-ooh!

In the dark of the night

Evil will find her

Wolf: Find her

Wolves: In the dark of the night

Terror comes true

Wolf: Doom her

Drakkar: My dear, here's a sign

It's the end of the line

Wolf: In the dark of the night

In the dark of the night

Drakkar: Come, my minions

Rise for your master

Let your evil shine

Wolves: In the dark of the night

In the dark of the night

Drakkar: Find her now

Yes, fly ever faster

Wolves ran out of the castles to track Amanda and her friends Robbie soon tripped to the ground

Wolves: In the dark of the night

In the dark of the night

In the dark of the night

Drakkar: SHE'LL BE MINE!

He Laughed evilly he plan to kill Amanda and she'll be out of the way.

Tale of Amanda Morgan 7
Chapter 7 of Tale of Amanda Morgan

ideas are open for the next chapter.
Daemus by Dragonprince18
I made this character from Soul Calibur V.

He's a demon from the demon realm in the search of Soul calibur under the work of Raatu Dirklyte. He was entrusted by his leader to keep a close eye on Tyrone and this mysterious enemy. He soon learn someone have orchestrated to make Tony's life miserable. He told both Alister and Raatu about the person of using Tony as a pawn, by that he must go with Master Caleric to have Tyrone stay of the fight  of Hall Clan and they deal with the problem with Tony while Caleric and Daemus need Tyrone to deal with this enemy who was using Tony from the start. He has white eyes, short platinum hair, demon horns. he wore dark blue coat, demonic should pad and gloves, black pants and shoe. voice actor: Richard Epcar (Raiden's voice in Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe/Mortal Kombat 9/Mortal Kombat X)

Soul Calibur OC.
Tarrick Silva by Dragonprince18
Tarrick Silva
is the clone son of Dorien and Ciara and brother to Daniel, Jarrod and Sandra.  he was a young boy with good life, but soon have his life snuffed out by Jarrod and Sandra as he extracted . Dorien have save him death by separating him in two people: Arnold Silva and Secilia Silva which they pretend to be Terrence's sibling. but when they two reunited, he come back to life as one person as a villain during Jarrod's control. when the fusion is defeated, it become the brother Daniel knew and care. He's cheerful, fun, He's 13 years old with black hair along with blue streak, icy blue eyes. He wore a yellow/red/green shirt, brown vest, light jean, black gloves and black boots. voice actor: ideas open

Tarrick Silva (c)...:icondragonprince18:

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