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A prequel of the Majestic Guardians

Summary: Terrence go on a Journey to learn what's it's like to be a hero and meet new friends on the way.


Terrence Silva (:icondragonprince18:'s OC)

Tsunade (Naruto)

Sirius Black (Harry Potter)

Terokage (:icondragonprince18:'s OC)


1. Journey Begins
Summary: after facing Tzekel Kan on Halloween, Terrence start his journey to learn to be a hero. before he could go, he needs to with the problem of his own
characters: Terrence Silva, Nerokage aka Evil Terrence

2. Shark Weekly Murder
summary: many people and officer was murdered by a shark. Terrence must confront this enemy and face him without becoming it's meal.
character played: Killer Shark

3. ideas open

4. Son of Queen Bansheera
summary: A young demon prince, Prince Olympius seeks vengeance on Terrence for the humiliation of his mother, Queen Bansheera. How will deal with this demon prince?
characters appeared: Prince Olympius, Queen Bansheera (flashback), Manfred Silva

5.Dragon in a jar
Summary: Terrence is in a Bug jar filled with E.V.O. He soon confronted Noface and prove to be too strong. Terrence has to get stronger with the help of some E.V.O
characters appeared: NoFace, Rex Salazar, Circe

6. ideas open

7.  Heir of Arendelle part 1
Summary: Terrence was travelling in the cold feeling his power is weaken due to extreme cold in the moutain. He was soon saved by Queen Elsa, which he develop a crush on her. a but a certain royalty want  revenge and rule Arendelle
character: Anna, Queen Elsa, Olaf, Kristoff, Hans

8. Heir of Arendelle Part 2
Summary: Elsa and Terrence are the only one aren't captured by Hans. the two must save the kingdom before it's Hans plan will succeed.

9. Terrence and the Hulks
summary: Terrence confront not one hulk, but four hulks during the fight with the Wrecking Crew. when The Leader helped the crew become more stronger, They must deal with Crew once more.
characters: Hulk, A-Bomb, Skaar, She-Hulk, Red Hulk, Wrecking Crew and Devil Dinosaur

10.  Super saiyan Alphard
summary: when he meet Alphard Alshua who was looking for someone to test her newfound  power which he will find out she's half breed saiya through experimentation of bonding her beloved's blood.
character appeared: Alphard Alshua

11. ideas open

12. Meeting his double
summary: Terrence is staying at a small village, until he meet his double who happen to be part of his heart. Terrence will face Nerokage once more by teaming up with Terokage
characters appeared: Terokage
returning characters: Nerokage

13. Ninja of the Waterfall
Summary: Terrence and terokage are in the Hidden Waterfall village to learn Water style Jutsu. They face a problem with Suien and his group, they must help Shibuki get the courage to face Suein for the Village.
character appeared: Shibuki, Suien, Hisame, Kirisame and  Murasame
note: Terrence will learn Water Style.

14. Romanov Kids Part 1
Summary: Terrence and Terokage meet the Romanov kids to take to reunite with their parents, but Grigori, son of Rasputin and Selene plan to destroy the Romanov once and for all
characters appeared: Tracy Romanov, Tricia Romanov, Anya Romanov, Seamus Finnigan, Doyle Blackwell, Edward Pevensie, Grigori,  Rasputin (flashback), Queen Selene (flashback)

15. Romanov Kids Part 2
Summary: they gone through many journey passing through many dangerous ahead. they finally made it to France and to start finding their parents only to confront Grigori to deal with them.
characters: Anastasia, Dimitri, Tatiana romanov (Flashback), olga Romanov (flashback), Marie Romanov (flashback), Alexei Romanov (flashback), Dowager empress Marie Feodorovna tsar Nicholas II (flashback), Tsarina alexandria Romanov (flashback),sophie and Vladmir

16. the Furious Six
Summary: Terrence and Terokage is now in Valley of Peace to meet Master Shifu and the Furious five. they need their help because Tai Lung is back and he recruit help.
character appeared: Po, Tigress, Crane, Viper, Monkey, Mantis, Shifu and Tai Lung

17. Firebending master
Summary: Terrence will meet a firebending master Jeong-Jeong to learning Firebending, but his impatient with his teacher become hard thinking breathing excerise is really helping to learn firebending
character appeared: Jeong-Jeong
note: terrnece will become a firebender

18. ideas open

19. ideas open

20. ideas open

21. Evil Green part 1
summary: Prince Olympius has created an evil verison of veteran ranger, Tommy Oliver and become green Ranger and plan to face Terrence
Character appeared: Evil Tommy Oliver/Green Ranger
returning character: Prince Olympius

22. Evil Green Part 2
Summary: Terrence and Green Ranger battle rages on and Terokage must find PRince Olympius to. Green Ranger has something in store for the young dragon halfa
character appeared:

23. Evil Green Part 3
Summary: green Ranger has unleashed the dragonzord to destroy Terrence Silva. how Terrence is going to survive this one?
Character appeared: Dragonzord

24. Evil Green part 4
summary: defeating the Dragonzord has really drained Terrence's power much, but He must stopped he must face Evil Green Ranger one more time.

25. ideas open

26. ideas open

27. ideas open

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41. ideas open

42. ideas open

43. ideas open eas open

45. ideas open

46. ideas open
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