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Raatu Dirklyte and Lauranna Dirklyte- He cared for parents very much and he

Iki Sakamoto- even thought she's a trainer for Tyrone, he mostly treat her as a motherly-figure.

Gemma Dirklyte-


Alister Hall- He considered him as grandfather-figure since Raatu was a good friend to Raatu.

Aaron Hall- Aaron and Tyrone consider each other cousins and look out for each other just as their fathers did.

Scott Truman-

With Extraordinary Fighters
Daphne- He and Daphne strong relationship and understand what they endured in the past and what to protect each from many danger.

Zuko- TYrone has understand what Zuko been through in the past, he wanted to help get through by searching his mother.

Nero- He met a demon-hybrid, they're like brothers

Stargirl- she always feels Tyrone was part

Raimundo Pedrosa- He and Tyrone don't interact very much when Tyrone first join, but witnessing his strategic mind skills. He was considered to be valuabe member..

Kim Possible- He show Kim great respect towards each other

WilyKat and Wilykit- both look up to Tyrone as Big brother. even though Tyrone can be a pest to them.



Ken Turner/Crimson-

Cloak and Dagger-


Mei Terumi-

Green Beetle-


Professor Cogs- ideas open

Venjix- ideas open

Leviamon- He was a dangerous demon Lords of depth as Tyrone

Leech- ideas open

Tony Hall- Tyrone never liked how Tony become and he wanted to face him, but it's Aaron's destiny to stop his reign.

Whiomaru- He was once an old friend of the two clan, but he betray the clan and telling a prophecy about Tony being king.

Darkar- Tyrone knew him since his father encounter him. He plan to destroy the Dirklyte clan by using Bloom to become dark fairy

Yami Marik- ideas open

Psyphon- ideas open

Azog- ideas open

Scarlett- She maybe good and calm from the outside, Tyrone find Scarlett a real threat because she's really evil and Psychopath as Yami Marik

Drake- He's finds him egostical Penguin jerk who just wanted to marry Daphne,  Stargirl, Kim and Bloom.

Arachne-  ideas open

General Grievous-  ideas open

Admiral Auerum-



the rest of the Higher demon will be coming soon.
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