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I have been thinking and thought I do this. although I may or may not do the fanmake of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal, it seems alright but not good to watch either.

Raider of the ???


Indiana Jones- Allen Morgan (:icondragonprince18:'s OC)

Marion Ravenwood- Lyla Lolliberry (Phineas and Ferb)

Renee Belloq- ideas open

Major Arnold Toht- Nyua (Akame ga Kill)

Herman Dietrich- Liver (Akame Ga Kill)

Sallah- Cassim (Aladdin and the King of Thieves)

Marcus Brody- Professor Oaks (Pokémon)

Sapito- Scott (Total Drama Revenge of the Island)

Barranca- Alejandro (Total Drama World Tour)

Allen Morgan and the Temple of Shadow Realm

Willie Scott- ideas open

Short Round- ideas open

Lao Che- ideas open

Wu Han-  ideas open

Shaman- Anet (Thundercats 2011)

Chattar Lal-

Zalim Singhm- Prince Zandar (Sofia the First)

Mola Ram- Tzekel Kan (The Road to el Dorado)

Captain Paul Blumburtt- Stryker (Mortal Kombat)

Allen Morgan and the Last Crusader

Henry Jones-

Walter Donovan-

Elsa Schnieder-

Ernst Vogel- Syura (Akame Ga Kill)

Kazim- ideas open

Panama Hat-

Grail Knight- Richard (:icon17chaos:'s OC)

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Terrence Silva
United States
Likes: writing, computers, cooking watching t.v or movies,

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Kingdom Hearts Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Sora (Kingdom Hearts) Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
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Love couples- Jacob x Trudy by Dragonprince18
Love couples- Jacob x Trudy
Trudy is the Winner.

Jacob see a girl who was wearing a hoodie and he kinda like her, but he's afraid of her thinking she's one of people with dark brooding personality and fear she'll say no. he need help with terrangon and Venisa who know about this and help him have the courage to speak to her and soon Trudy blushed how cute he looks and they start hang around.

Jacob Duret-Ferrante (c)...:icondragonprince18:
Trudy (c)...Warner BRos. Animation
Ssielk's creation voice cast part 1 by Dragonprince18
Ssielk's creation voice cast part 1
The casts of Ssielk Nav's creations

voice actor: Jesse McCartney
character played: Roxas
any change for his voice: He can sound mix medium tone and gruff.

voice actress: Mandy Moore
character played: Rapunzel (Tangled)
any change for her voice: none

voice actor: Lex Lang
character played: Zen-Aku (Power Rangers Wild Force)
any change for his voice: He sound evil for, but none when revert back to his normal self.

Jacob Duret-Ferrante
voice actor: Zach Callison
character played: Steven (Steven Universe)
any change for his voice: he will sound like a teenage a little deep.

Ssielk Nav
voice actor: Tim Curry
character played: Dr. Joseph Chadwick (Ben 10 Alien Force)
any change for his voice: none
Edam by Dragonprince18
He's a new competitor of Total Drama. He's very nice guy, caring and loyal friend to who will be their for others, he can angry others if he was tricked by them for personal gain.  He has light brown hair, blue eye. He wore a black shirt with green on bottom, denim pants gray sneaker. voice actor:  Mark-Paul Gosselaar (Zack Morris' voice in Saved by the bell)

Total Drama OC.

Edam (c)...:icondragonprince18:
base from:icontherealtdiheather:
Lucille by Dragonprince18
She's a new competitor for next Total Drama. She has black hair with a small ponytail hairstyle, blue midriff shirt, dark navy capri pants and sandals. voice actor: Zendaya (KC Cooper's voice in KC Undercover)

Total Drama OC.

Lucille (c)...:icondragonprince18:
base by :iconPixerriffic:…

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