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I'll be working on my Original Characters for the childrens while the parents will be on Character how he/she act like. * means I'll be re-doing it.

Nicholas Morgan (done)
Taura Morgan (done)
Ignatius Morgan/Fangolf (done)
Trevor (Done)
Dana Morgan (Done)
Zena Morgan
Patricia Morgan
Terrence Silva*
BRandon Silva *
Kira Silva
Manfred Silva (done)
Kim Lin Morgan-Silva (done)
Trejean Silva
Cara Silva
Toni Silva
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Girlfriend ideas for Bad Terrence by Dragonprince18
Girlfriend ideas for Bad Terrence
I have fund more to Bad Terrence than Mad Terrence, Terranzarro and Nega Terrence. because he's the complete opposite of Terrence and Nerokage. He's more cunning and more sinister than any. so what

1. Princess Attea (Ben 10 Alien Force/Omniverse)

2. Mandy (Totally Spies)

3. Ember McLain (Danny Phantom)

4. Saleen (Aladdin Series)

5. Aria Blaze (My Little Equestria: Rainbow Rocks)

6. Zeena  (Sonic Lost World)

7. Princess Looma Red Wind (Ben 10 Omniverse(

8. Theodora the Wicked Witch of the West (Oz: the Great and Powerful)

meme from :icon4xeyes1987:
I'm still here, I stil exist by Dragonprince18
I'm still here, I stil exist
A preview of Majestic Guardians and the Dino Age, Red Dino Fury Ranger searches for Mesogog II Mercer industrial lab, until tail whipped the lead  unexpected knocking his helmet as Mesogog II grabbed Christoper by the neck.

Christopher: What are you going do? waste me and Trent? what happen to you then?

Mesogog II: You don't get it do you? I'm still here. I still exist, that's Trent still turn into me.

Mesogog punched Christopher really hard towards the Valve pipe and dropped his tyranno saber.

Mesogog II: I don't have to waste you, I Just have to run out the clock until his entire life falls apart.

Mesogog Charge at Christopher before move away from Idominus Rex's horn.

base from :iconyummehcrayons:

Mesogog II comes to the Present

Terrence and Connor are surrounded by a group of Tyrannodrones. Terrence and Connor nodded as they started attacking them. The two attack with their keyblade and Tyranno Lance. The two had defeated them before they exploded.

"That's over with," Terrence said, "But I have bad feeling, something worse it going to happen."

"What do you mean?" Connor confused at it.

"If christoper have come from the future, can this Mesogog II will be able to come to the present." Terrence asked about that.

"no." Connor horrified to hear, "He'll be coming from Mercer's manor, or near."

Somewhere else outside of Mercer Manor, Sauro, Damdon ad Trico were finishing the construction of an advanced and Technological time machine that they had built with the pieces that Sauron and stole from the laboratories.

"You think that this thing will work?" asked Trico.

"I can assure you Lord Trico." said Sauron, "This time machine was created with the most advanced technology pieces that I had from the laboratories around some known cities like Metropolis, Amity and Gotham City."

"Plus, I had stole this strange gem from a museum back at New York City." Damdon replied as he held up a strange gem to Trico. this gem was a green emerald. but this wasn't an ordinary emerald. it was a chaos emerald.

Trico smirked evilly as he said, "A chaos emerald. Well done, Damdon. Thanks to your skilled theft abilities, Master will be extremely pleased after we bring him to his timeline."

"Thanks." smiled Damdon as he and Sauron activated the time machine by using the Chaos Emerald as a power source.

"And now...THE REIGN OF THE DINOSAURS SHALL BE BEGIN!" yelled Sauron as he pushed a red button.

Soon, the time machine began to work and a green portal was being formed in fron of Sauron, Damdon and Trico. A black cloak figure came from the green portal followed by a huge army of Tyrannodrones. the figure destroyed his own cloak and revealed himself as Mesogog II.

Mesogog II smiled  deviously as he told his two high commanders, "Well Done, Damdon and Trico. I knew I could count on you."

"Thank you, Master." remarked Trico as he kneeled in front of Mesogog II.

"The time machine really worked. We also built it with the help of our newest ally." replied Damdon as he kneeled in front of Mesogog II as well.

Mesogog II looked as he said, "So you two have found a dinosaur to help in our plans of wiping out the human race once and for all. It's a pleasure to meet you Sauron. I heard so much about you as well as your hatred towards humanity."

"Mesogog II showed his hand in front of Sauron as the Pterodactyl approached the Indominus rex and shaked his hand. Sauron then kneeled im front of the evil dinosaur overlord along with Damdon and Trico.

"It's an honor to meet you Master Mesogog. I will follow your every order and together, we will wipe out the entire humanity from the face of the Earth forever and the Dinosaurs will take their rightful place on this planet." Sauron announced.

"Excellent, Sauron." replied Mesogog II with an evil smile as he turned around the city and said, "We will begin to wipping out all of these filthy humans from the existence once and for all."

Sauron, Damdon and Trico lifted up as many of the Tyrannodrones joined next to them.

"Sauron, Trico. you two will draw the attention of the Dino Fury Rangers by causing a huge destruction on the city, this way they will be so distracted that will give us the advantage of our next big step." Mesogog II told Sauron and Trico as he continued, "And take many Tyrannodrones as you can."

"Yes, Master Mesogog ." Sauron and Trico nodded as they both went to the city along with the many Tyrannodrones to cause many destruction.

"Mesogog II turned around to Damdon as he told him, "Damdon. you and I will go to the Mercer Manor."

"For what?" asked Damdon confused.

"We're going to make a little visit to myself." Mesogog II smiled animalistic as he laughed evilly

Majestic Guardians and the Dino Age 6
Mesogog II have come to the present started the Onslaughter and what's worst, he and Damdon is going to Mercer to manipulate Trent by going the path Mesogog II gone through. Next Chapter Christopher and Christine must go to the cities to save them unaware Mesogog II's plan. also the Rangers will soon get help from Terrence and the Majestic Guardians along with Christopher's ranger team.

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