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Terrence Silva
United States
Likes: writing, computers, cooking watching t.v or movies,

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Fight of Future past

Terrence have brought back the First Silva just the same way Prince Olympius did to bring back the Wise Knight, also known as the Devil. Terrence and Olympius stared each other while taking one step at a time starting to shoot each other.

"You still have a grudge on me for taking what did."

"Of course I still have a grudge!" The Devil said with anger.

"I'm  still disgusted for what you've become, Just because I'm King of Edenia, doesn't mean you can't get angry at me!"

"I have rights to be angry, at you!" Devil flew at his former friend, First Silva.

Meanwhile Joey, Katara, Tommy, Po, Percy, Tracy, Miss Martian and Aang ran to go meet Terrence in the ruins. They saw the BAtlings block their way, Tommy got out his d-Tector to become Korikakumon attack them with them tomahawk. Katara waterbender gracefully to strike them down and Percy threw a threw at them.

Thomas join the battl and shoots lightning bolts the batlings, once there gone, Annabeth and Grover came along. "Don't waste time with the enemies. You must go to Terrence!"

"You heard him, we go now!" Katara ran and others followed

Terrence and Olympius have their conflict going while The First Silva and the Devil have their rematch where they left off long ago. The First Silva attack fire his blast at the Devil  same with Terrence to Olympius. the demons charges at them and threw a barrages of punches.

"This must end now." Terrence said to Olympius, who spits flame from his mouth and the Dragon halfa move from, "This curse has to ended or it will continue forever."

"I won't rest until I put an end of the Silva Family!" Prince Olympius fired a demon blast a dark fireblast at

"Stone Dragon Wall!" Terrence create a wall with a dragon head to protect him.

I won't let you destroy my family clan just Queen BAnsheera was killed with humiliation."

Katara, Joey, Tommy, Po, Percy, Tracy, Miss Martian and Aang arrive to see both Terrence and Olympius there and soon saw Jinxer and Diaspro looked really concern at this.

"Those must be Olympius' minion and they'll tried to help him out." Joey

"but if they are his, why aren't they helping." Tracy said.

Katara stared at them, especially at Diaspro looked very worried for Olympius. Olympius transformed in his super demon form, and attack the dragon halfa full force, Terrence was going to attack him, but Olympius  kicked him to the side unable to protect himself. Terrence was brutally damaged and barely moved at all!

the demon grabbed Terrence by the neck preparing to finish him.

"We have to stop him and Terrence!"

"Olympius Don't!"

"Finally, my revenge will be complete my clan will be avenge after you're out of the picture!" Prince Olympius crushed Terrence's neck nearly killing him in the process until...

"Stop!" Diaspro called out and this made Prince olympius to a halt turning around to see Diaspro with tears.

"Diaspro?" Prince Olympius asked.
MG movie: The Massacre of Silva and Demon 5
Chapter 5 of Majestic Guardians Movie: The Massacre of Silva and Demon

ideas are open
Aluza by Dragonprince18
A birthday gift for :icondisneygal1234:

Aluza is a ninja/student like Daisy is but does her training in perfect way than most people do. She is also one of Mendy's friends and tries to ruin Brittiana and Marcus' relationship so that she could be with him. She also has the power to summon blue fire jutsu. she's perfectionist, cruel, wicked, calm, devious and manipulative.  she's 16 year old girl with black hair with two bangs on each side of her face, grey eyes and white skin. she's wears a dark red forehead protector, purple shirt, black jeans and dark black shoes. voice actress: Wendee Lee (Nefera de Nile's voice in Monster High)

Aluza (c)...:icondisneygal1234:
Game Naruto character creator
Character Recast- Magic Hearts 10 by Dragonprince18
Character Recast- Magic Hearts 10
The Casts of Lightian Garden...

Cloud- Yusuke Uramenshi (Yu Yu Hakusho)
Cid- Cyborg (Justice League War)
McScoorge- B (Total Drama Revenge of the Island)
Yuna, Rikku and Paine- Blossom, Bubble and Buttercup (Powerpuff Girls)
Merlin- Doctor Strange (Ultimate Spiderman)
Tifa- Videl (Dragonball Z)
Sephiroth- Shinobu Sensui (Yu Yu Hakusho)
Huey, Dewey and Louie- bridgette, DJ and Dakota (Total Drama Series)

meme from :iconinkheart7:
Character Recast- Magic Hearts 9 by Dragonprince18
Character Recast- Magic Hearts 9
the rest of Mushroom kingdom and Lost GalaxyC ast...

santa Claus- DOnkey Kong (sUperm Ario)
peter pan- Red Galaxy ranger (POwer Rangers lost Galaxy)
Tinkerbell- Maya/Yellow Galaxy Ranger, Damon Henderson/green Galaxy Ranger, Kai Chen/Blue Galaxy Ranger and Karone/Pink Galaxy Ranger (Power Ranger Lost Galaxy)
wendy- Kendrix Morgan (power Rangers Lost Galaxy)
captain Hook- Captain Mutiny (power Rangers Lost galaxy)
Mr. Smee- Barbarax (Power Rangers Lost Galaxy)
Tick-Tock Crocodile- Titanisaur (Power rangers Lost Galaxy)
Lost Boys- Magna Defender (Power Ranger lost Galaxy)

meme From :iconinkheart7:

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